How to shape your eyebrows

As we both know perfectly groomed  eyebrows balance your features and frame your eyes.Now read on how to achieve this perfect look below
First pluck the excess hair
Learn what each brush/ pencil is used for;
Eyebrow brush- Brow pencil blending/comb

Concealer pencil 
and this is eyebrow pencil that we are going to use today.
Now follow the following steps;
STEP 1: After plucking to remove the excess hair, draw a line under your brow
STEP 2: Repeat on top of brow
STEP 3:Fill in brow lightly
STEP 4& 5: Use the brow brush to brush through to get rid of excess product
STEP 6: Use a lighter concealer to sharpen your brows
STEP 7& 8: Blend out concealer top and bottom

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