How to style a short red dress..


Hi divas!

Do you want a dress to impress for any occasion? Then Red comes in all shades and a red dress is a must have in your wardrobe. It’s a perfect colour for the party especially when your man is wearing a red tie with a black coat then your red dress would make both of you look hot and sexy.

                                                                     Look #1        


                                                                       Look #2                        
                                                                  Look #3                                                               
                                       Look #4                                           
Keep the shoes functional, black or red heels are a good
choice, and always a useful thing to have in your closet.Since red is bright
then you can accessorize your dress with a silver/gold bracelet or necklace. Who
knows if you end up meeting your soul mate at someone else’s wedding/party, so
make sure  you look f
lirty, fun and feminine.

     Look #5

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