Simple Round Gele/Lemba Video tutorial ~like Hamisa Mobetto

I’ve collected some of the beautiful gele African styles from Tanzanian female Model, Hamisa Mobetto famously known as Kidomo.Gele is usually worn by African females  for special occasions like marriages, ceremonies, church services. 

The gele can be tied with different African/Indian fabric materials , depending on how you want your gele to look like.When you wrap a Gele with a soft head-tie fabric, the finished head-gear will not stand firm, like what it has been shown in the tutorial video.So, use hard fabric if you want your head-gear to stand firm, but you can also use soft fabric materials like  Satin, Cotton, Chiffon if you don’t want it to stand firm. 

Scroll down to see more gele headwrap styles, and the tutorial video.

Now just watch this Easy Video Tutorial on How To Tie Your Own  Headtie ‘Gele’ With Perfect Pleats.

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