How to wear dark lipstick 2018

Dark lipstick is a must-have from now on. Here you can look through trendy
shades of dark lipsticks and decide which ones will work for you. Also, read on to
learn some pro tips on how to rock this yummy dark shade.

1.Know what shade will suit you best
You can even try to buy two different dark shades of lipstick at a cheaper price the aim is to try what shade will suit you best

2.Use a lip liner to avoid a messy lipstick appearence, see the instructions below.

3. Apply your lipstick with a lip brush/Use soft matte lip cream
You swipe it on from the outer corner of the mouth to center on both the upper and lower lips, then you fill in the rest of the pout.

This is the soft maatte lip cream

~Once you’ve applied your lipstick with a lip brush, run your liner in a matching shade along the perimeter of your lips.

4. To clean up the edges around your lips, dip a slanted brush into concealer and apply it just outside your lips.

4.Skip the glossy finish.
This shade doesn’t need any help in the attention,If you’re set on adding gloss into the mix, apply it only to the center of your lips.

Now check out the beautiful girls wearing dark and colourful lipstick

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