Easy Faux Locs Tutorial-Protective hairstyle ever

Easy tutorial hairstyle tutorial for faux locs


  • Marley soft braids
  • Combs
  • crochet pin

  • Rods (optional)


  1. Clean dry moisturize,comb and detangle your hair.
  2. braid (3 parts) marley braids into your hair up to the desired length
  3. Take additional pieces of marley afro braids (for desired amount) and tie the knot at the base of your hair (use crochet pin),then,wrap marley braid around the box braid
  4. Continue wraping marley braid until you get to the desired length
  5. Use,lighter to burn the end to seal the wrap/ use the rods to get wavy faux locs/use the glue.

Now watch the Video below,for Faux locs tutorial.

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