Let us see how Tanzania actress Aunty Ezekiel wore Nigerian Style 2018

Aunty Ezekiel is an actress from Tanzania, East Africa. This week which was also the week of Celebration of MAMA’s world day May 13,2018 Aunty ,launched her movie called “MAMA”,at Mlimani City which she and her daughter Cookie Iyobo played as the main characters.
See Aunty Ezekiel Naija style 2018.
“Moses Iyobo” Aunty Ezekiel’s baby daddy and “Cookie” their daughter
Aunty Ezekiel and family
Aunty Ezekiel dress by                 @mobettostyles
Mose Iyobo Agbada dress by        @jm_international_collection
Cookie Iyobo dress by                   @mobettostyles

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