5 Ways to cope with difficult situations Quickly

Many of us find ourselves lacking confidence and energy to move on with our daily life activities because of the difficult situations we pass through.
Fashenista.com presents the short and clear advice on how to cope with the difficult situations wether, financial reasons, break up reasons, illness,academic reasons,rejection. 
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1.Accept the Situation.
Recogize you are in pain, do not deny what you’re feeling, remember that it is okay to be down sometimes,and don’t force yourself to feel okay.Give yourself the space to be lonely,sad,stressed and cry to let the pain out.You will soon be okay.Don’t feel guilty for feeling pain, and don’t look for someone to blame, in yourself or anyone else. Seeking blame doesn’t solve anything, it will just make you more angry. 

2.Seek help and Support from others or Experts.
If you feel that you cannot carry all the heavy weight alone, do not be ashamed to see help and support from others.If your problem is unspeakable, or it is very confidencial that you cannot share with anyone, then try to seek online forum help anonymously, there you can get relief and advice from different people who has experienced the same problem as you are.Remember there is no new or unique problem or situation in his world.

3. Don’t focus on what you can’t control,reduce expectations and draw boundaries.
How? Write down and organize all your difficult situations, and reduce the outcomes of what you expected to happen, and learn to say no. For example, If you expected to buy a luxury car at the end of this year 2018, and yet until June 2018, you cannot see the light of your dream to come true,or may be you can buy corolla instead of ford range.Then, reduce too much expectations, do what you can do by that time with your energy and effort.Don’t stress yourself out for something you cannot afford to buy, or for the situation  you cannot change.

4.Don’t let anyone else decide how you should face your own difficult situations.
Do what you feel to get better if, you feel good when you go for shopping then save your money for shopping and do not let anyone advice you that, you are wasting your money.Many people won’t understand the way you experience pain, but that’s not your problem.

5.Remind yourself that nothing lasts forever
everything passes,And the pain and anguish that you’re feeling right now will also pass, no matter how overwhelming or intense it is. It will pass.When you’ve faced a challenge, you learn more about yourself. You learn what you’re made of, what you can handle, how you react to something distressing, how strong you are, or even realizing when you need to ask for help. 

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