3 Horrible Phrases that are Unfair to Say to Your Partner

There are a lot of phrases that If you or your partner will use them regularly or used during a small fight/argurment can cause mental abuse or threats and a bad sign for your relationship,also can create anxiety and depression.

See these, Red-flag phrases that could affect your partner mentally in a Relationship

Phrase 1: “I hate You”

When we are angry we, say things we don’t mean. But remember,expressing hatred towards your boyfriend/girlfriend is not something he or she will ever forget and it can poison the relationship,and I hate you is not only horrible word to give but also horrible to receive.

Phrase 2:” We are over”

The only time you should hear the words “it’s over” or “break-up” should be when the relationship is really and truly over.
Do not threaten your partner with the break up action,because this may make her/him feel unsafe in the relationship.
Using “it’s over ” means you do not fear of losing your partner if he/she will go away completely, so use this word correctly If you really mean to break up with him/her.

Phrase 3:”Choose either me or the”

If you have a nerve of saying that ,”you need to choose me over your family/friends/work/pets all of the time, then that’s a sign of unhealthy relationship and this clearly shows that the partner saying that, is not confident enough,this has absolutely nothing to do with love, it’s about control.

It is completely unfair to ask them to make that kind of sacrifice when they(partner,family,work mates,friends) have done nothing wrong to try destroying your relationship.

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