How to Successful start a Unique clothing line

1.Identify your Product.
What type of clothes, you want to target/make/sew? example: bridal gowns, kitenge outfits, bridesmaid gowns,palazzo trousers etc. Then, put your effort there, target where you feel you can.

2.Identify a market need for the Product
-Follow successful clothing line blogs, research on comments and reviews from online shops,instagram pages, facebook pages to understand  people’s needs and wants at that particular time.

3.Understand Your Target Customers

 – means understanding who your ideal customer is. For whom do you want to design? know:
  • Age
  • Income Level
  • Profession
  • Geographic Location
  • Shopping Habits
  • Interests & Hobbies                                                                                                 Knowing your target customer helps you determine the Price,design, how to market your products and distribution.
4.Start with what you have (Capital)
Do your business in a cost-effective way, you can start with few pieces of clothes that are highly demanded by your targeted customers.

5.Aim at Quality,and Uniqueness not quantity
Even If you will sell few pieces but are they at high quality and unique? instead of producing a large quantity of products that are of low quality.

6.Find a Factory You Trust and,and  Can Visit

If you don’t know anyone, start with a factory that’s near you, so you can regularly visit it. So that to ensure effectiveness of the task given to them by you.

7.Market your Product/Promoting
Market your product real well especially on social media where you can reach many people,create a marketing plan like how should you market your products and promote your business.

8.Funding. /Sources of Finance: You’ll need some idea of what money you already have, to get your business up and running, and where you can look for additional support.

9. Know your Competitors.
Know what your competitors do, how they do, their challenges and use them to build your Unique label without copy from them.

10.Plan and Start your business

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