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Asoebi Slayers 2022 the must see collection

Are going to a wedding? If you are going with the fabric that it is used as a uniform, you still have the chance to sew it and style it…

50+ Versatile Ankara dresses perfect for Church & Office

This post is your guide to slaying your look every day and every week. If you're sick of wearing that same black or dark blue trouser then try mixing colors…

Trendy Abaya/Kaftan Stara dress for this Ramadan season

Hello lovelies, this is what you should wear especially this time of Ramadan, stara clothes, but you can make your closet fashionable and trendy during the time of Ramadan not…

Impressive 80+ Civil wedding & Second dress you must see..

It’s safe to say that social media plays a huge role in our lives, especially when it comes to the wedding planning process. Ether will be civil wedding, Church wedding,…

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